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  • Acquired 5 Churchill Place - a core commercial landmark in Canary Wharf, London, and renamed it Cheung Kei 5 Churchill Place.

  • Dr. Chen Hongtian, Chairman of Cheung Kei Group served as Chairman of Environmental Protectionist Association Charity.

  • Zhuhai Cheung Kei Commercial Building project was initiated.

  • Chairman Chen Hongtian won award for the 20 Outstanding Figures who have exerted influence on Hong Kong at the 20th anniversary of the transfer of sovereignty in 2017.

  • Cheung Kei Group became the second largest shareholder of Zhihuiyuan, China's leading real estate tax consulting brand.

  • Hong Kong Cheung Kei Center was granted the Best Deal Award among the RICS Awards, Hong Kong 2017.

  • Acquired 20 Canada Square - a class A landmark office building in Canary Wharf, London, and renamed it Cheung Kei 20 Canada Square.

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