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Dr. Chen Hongtian, a CPPCC member, Justice of the Peace (Tenured) of Hong Kong, Ph.D. in Economics, UIBE and visiting professor at the University, and Chairman of Shenzhen Harmony Club, is Chairman of Cheung Kei Group.

Dr. Chen Hongtian pays close attention to education, poverty alleviation and social welfare. So far donations made by him has amounted to over HKD300 million. In 2011, he was one of the winners of Award of Outstanding Contribution to Pengcheng Charity at the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Shenzhen Special Administrative Region; in 2016, he won the Gold Medal of Pengcheng Charity Donation Individual of the third Pengcheng Charity Award and was one of the 100 elected Global Outstanding Chinese co-hosted by the United World Chinese Association and the Central Literature Publishing House; and in 2017, he was granted the award for the 20 Prominent People providing positive impacts to Hong Kong at the 20th Anniversary of the Hong Kong’s Return to the Motherland.

Founded in 1990, Cheung Kei Group is headquartered in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, respectively, with the former responsible for overseas and the latter in charge of domestic investment. Cheung Kei Group boasts a long-term and steady increase in diversified assets as a leading international group of value investment and business culture. The Group focuses on quality operational properties in core urban economic circles around the world as well as investment and M & A of quality corporate equity and financial assets in the capital market, thus forming a dual-wheel driving mode based on investment and operation. Up to now, the Group has penetrated the whole world, including Hong Kong, Shenzhen, London, Shanghai and other core cities, as well as major cities in Europe and Southeast Asia, with wholly owned millions of square meters of land, office buildings, star hotels, commercial and mining properties and other quality assets. The Group also holds large-portion equity from various prominent enterprises of capital market, and huge-amount financial assets such as fund, bond and stock.

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