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Our enterprise is called "Cheung Kei". The Cantonese pronunciation of "Cheung Kei" is similar to that of another word which means long lasting. "Cheung Kei" in the dictionary is interpreted as good luck, happiness and long lasting. We also hope that our business can enjoy a harmonious, stable and sustainable development.

It has taken 26 years for Cheung Kei Group to grow into a sizeable corporation, and these past years have also witnessed the withdrawal of at least 80% enterprises. We are glad that we have adhered to the idea of putting steady development first. We are clearly aware that an enterprise cannot pursue sustained development without good faith. Therefore, we are determined to be a leading example in "conducting business with integrity".

To build a time-honored enterprise, we have set up strict risk prevention mechanisms, taking stringent risk warning and prevention measures on the debt ratio. We run stress tests on a regular basis and regulate the business to release pressure. As such a large enterprise today, Cheung Kei has a decreased poverty level. Moreover, we have distributed assets and investments evenly in Hong Kong, London, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Foshan and Zhuhai as well as in major cities in Europe and Southeast Asia. The assets we hold are composed of real estate, equity, bonds and other different products, which can optimize the asset structure and strictly control the investment risk.

For 27 years, Cheung Kei has grown together with Hong Kong and Shenzhen. We have strong feelings for this land. Cheung Kei has actively participated in various social welfare activities and charities in these years, donating about HK$ 300 million. Cheung Kei was granted the "Charitable Enterprise Award of the First Pengcheng Charity Awards". It has also won the "Gold Medal of Glorious Business Contribution Award" and the "Glorious Career Award of Guangdong Province". I myself am honored to have received the "Award of Outstanding Contribution to Pengcheng Charity" at the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and the "Gold Medal of Pengcheng Charity Donation Individual" at the third Pengcheng Charity Award Ceremony for 2016.

Cheung Kei's successes could not have been achieved without the care, help and support of many friends. We will never forget them whether they are occupying key positions or still in the same position keeping a low profile or even retired. While for those people and enterprises who once misunderstood or hurt us, we undertake magnanimous acts.

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