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The Management Meeting of Cheung Kei Group Held Successfully


On February 9, 2018, the management meeting of Cheung Kei Group was held at the InterContinental Hotel in Shenzhen. Executive Vice President Chen Xiaoxia, Vice President Chen Pengyu, Vice President Deng Tao, the heads of the Investment Development Center, Planning and Development Center, Legal Supervision Center, Funds Management Center, Financial Management Center, Cost Management Center, Engineering Management Center, Design Management Center, Business Marketing Center, Operations Management Center, Brand Center, HR Administration Center of Shenzhen Headquarters, the heads of Hong Kong Headquarters and the heads of Zhuhai Company, Heyuan Company, Shanghai Company and Property Management Company attended the meeting.

Chen Xiaoxia, Executive Vice President of Cheung Kei Group, delivers a speech

At the meeting, the heads of the centers and subsidiaries of the Group reported on their recent work priorities, business objectives and completion status one by one. They also analyzed their work weaknesses and problems and reported on their own second-quarter work plan and work objectives.

The Management Meeting

At the meeting, Vice President Deng Tao summarized the work of the Planning Development Center and the Legal Supervision Center for which he was responsible, and also provided guidance on how to overcome the weaknesses. Then Vice President Chen Pengyu summarized and commented on the work of Funds Management Center and Financial Management Center for which he was responsible, detailed the work tasks for the second quarter, and provided opinions on things that still need to be improved. He also discussed with the participants, analyzed the causes and proposed appropriate improvement measures.

Vice President Chen Pengyu gives a speech

Next, Executive Vice President Chen Xiaoxia commented on the recent work of each center and subsidiary, recognized the achievements, analyzed the work problems and weaknesses, provided advice and raised specific requirements for the work in the second quarter. She said that the Group is having rapid development and it is necessary to continuously strengthen team building and improve the management system and supervision mechanism. She also hoped that the heads of the centers and subsidiaries can think more and learn more, treat the Group like their own and work harder. Moreover, they could further strengthen the internal management standardization, cultivate brand awareness and build a professional manager team with good comprehensive quality so as to make concerted efforts to boost the development of the Group.

At this meeting, the participants actively conducted interactions and exchanges. Everyone discussed freely and put forward their individual work proposals. The meeting had a good atmosphere and everyone learned a lot. This year's management meeting of Cheung Kei Group came to a successful conclusion.

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